Kosher Conversion guides potential converts on their path towards Orthodox conversion to Judaism.

Kosher Conversion was launched in June 2022 by a (nameless ‘cos he’s shy) rabbinical student living in Israel, as an online resource on Judaism for conversion candidates. Kosher Conversion’s vision is to become the number one online resource for candidates on their journey towards conversion.

The resource is currently the only one online intended to provide the candidate with all the knowledge required for an Orthodox conversion to Judaism. Kosher Conversion also focuses on helping the candidate integrate comfortably within the Jewish community. 

Kosher Conversion intends to create an interactive siddur (prayer book) allowing candidates to practice the prayers while hearing the prayers as they are pronounced in the synagogue.

PLEASE NOTE: Kosher Conversion does not perform conversions! Conversions are only performed by legitimate Rabbinical authorities.

I look forward to helping you!

Kosher Conversion

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