How Much Does Conversion to Judaism Cost? The Ultimate Cheat Sheet!

If you are considering joining the Jewish nation, you will probably be wondering how much does conversion to Judaism cost?

In this article I will explore the various items which you should take into consideration while calculating the costs – together with some very rough estimates of the costs of each item. Costs are calculated in US dollars.

The ancient sages of Israel taught: “Calculate the reward for fulfilling a commandment compared to the cost of fulfilling the commandment”. Meaning that despite the fact that some of the Torah’s commandments have a cost, (whether financial cost or the time and effort utilised for fulfilling the commandment), we should view this as an investment.


Doing a mitzvah (commandment) does have a physical cost. However, we should compare that cost to the ultimate spiritual reward that we will reap as a result.

Seeing all these costs together will probably be quite threatening. Please note that these costs are not all paid at once. They are slowly paid over time and throughout the conversion process. Generally speaking, there are ways to get discounts and/or borrow many items on this list.

Costs of the Conversion Process

Relocation Costs

As I mentioned in my article on conversion to Judaism, unless you already live near a Jewish community, you will have to move to one for at least a year (and likely two) prior to conversion. This is not a temporary move. You will be expected to remain in a Jewish community for the rest of your life. You should also be aware that because of higher demand housing costs in a Jewish community are generally higher than neighboring areas.

Below are the items which you should take into consideration when calculating costs. Not all of the items are applicable to every convert. I have not included estimates in this section because the costs vary considerably.

Flight Tickets (if flying)

Removal Costs (if moving with furniture etc)

Visa Costs (if flying from another country)

Rent (generally more expensive in a Jewish community than nearby areas)

Study and Tuition costs

Tutor (if not taking classes or in addition to classes) – $2000 – $3000

Classes (if available) $1000

Study books $500

Costs of the conversion procedure

Application and Administration fees (Free – $1000)

Mikveh fee (Free – $100)

Mohel (Surgeon for Circumcision) Fee (for men only) – $100

Cost of Jewish life

For Men

Tefillin – $200 – $1000

Tallis – $100

Tzitzis – $20

For Women

Modest Clothes – Depends how much you want to spend. Please Note: Most tops can be made modest using a shell top – approx $30 per shell.

For Men and Women

Kitchen Utensils – most can be made kosher. You probably will have to buy a few new ones. – $200 – $300

Mezuzas – $50 per mezuza

Havdala Set –


Kosher Food – Between 20% – 100% more expensive than regular food.


  1. be realistic, what tefllin can you buy for 200$ ?

    • There are some cheap sets of tefillin which can be purchased for this price. They are not the greatest quality and I wouldn’t recommend them as a first choice. Sometimes, converts (and Jews from birth) are struggling financially and this is all they can afford.

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